Noble Rot

“Noble rot” is a name for a type of (generally) benign fungus that afflicts grapes. A little, in the right conditions, is said to produce a particularly fine flavor in the wine.

I never intended to become slave to this
knot of haywire neurons, 
this biological joke, which
others see as weakness, (if
they see it at all).

Worse: as corruption
noble rot --
in small doses, fine, piquant,
even intoxicating,
making of me exquisite wine,
all bright and brilliant
light dazzling from
my lips and eyes,
all shine until
I'm talking too
fast, too
loud, too
brittle laughter
scintillating smash into deadly shards.

You see, in the wrong conditions,
noble rot resumes its malevolent form
and grows destructive.
They sense it.  Fear
contagion.  Fear
me.  Fear
even trying to understand.

(C) 2014 by Rosetti C.
Translunary Things
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