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Sometimes you amaze me--
the depths of your reserves.
How do people manage 
to continue?  You don't 
seem to miss a step,
steady, consistent.
Not brave with bright geniality
or bristling with determination,
but swathed in quiet.  Patient.

What do you touch, 
that supports you so?
What do you see 
when you close your eyes?

Days clack on and on, 
bearing creeping doubts
or sudden cries 
(or even without them).
Days running one into the next
without a single tongue of flame in your mouth
despite the plucking at your sleeve
and pants leg:
I, now!  And I!

Yet each day you rally,
you continue to rise,
to bathe, dress, descend,
repeat – with a smile or a sigh.
How do you do it?

You reply:
Sweet friend, 
come; I want to serve you solace,
to spoon it carefully, like precious spice
and lay it 
on your tongue.

(C) 2003 & 2014 by Rosetti C.
Translunary Things
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