Terribilità and The Beast

Rosetti’s note: I’ve recently hooked up with a few mental health and bipolar blogs. In that light, I wanted to re-post (with permission) a recent article by BJCM on Darkness and Art.  I find this thing they call “terribilità” resonates with my own hypomania; something that fuels my creativity, but often has a price (and a big crash at the end).  But does “it” make me more creative?

Liminal Spaces

Creativity, Depression and Passion

We have this thing about darkness and the so-called “artistic temperament.”

I have artist and writer friends with depression. I also have artist and writer friends without depression. Most have no obvious mental illness. If they do, though, people seem to think it’s supposed to be part of the whole “suffer for your art” ideal.  (Think: Van Gogh, Hemmingway, Byron… you know the stories. Depression, angst, Churchill’s black dog, “the beast”.)

That’s one dark side. Then there is another shade of dark in the Big Book of Art Vocab: “terribilità.”

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