Wouldn’t You Rather Be A Lion?

Wouldn't you rather be a lion
if that's what you could choose?
Wouldn't you like sharp claws of iron
and never to wear shoes?

To prowl the street provoking fear,
but wink at every child?
To terrorize the grown-ups
every time you smiled?

Wouldn't you love to jaywalk
stopping cars with just a roar?
To never have to wait in line?
To clear out every store?

To eat dessert both first and last,
without a funny look?
And if you weren't satisfied,
to even eat the cook?

Would no one dare critique your breath,
or frightful state of coat?
Wouldn't they just quake in fear,
of ending down your throat?

Though … mightn't it be lonely
as the noble King of Beasts
not to gossip with the other lions,
or share your messy feasts?

For every Simba, Leo or Mo
you tiresomely defeat,
would you rather feel the tumble 
of sweet little padded feet?

It might be good to be the King...
but in truth, I must confess,
I'd rather have a sister-pride
and be a lioness!

(C) 2014 by Rosetti C.
Translunary Things
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