Henchstories II

Gather 'round, all my stories,
my little ones, my faithful,
flawed rough-draft sidekicks.
Come close and listen up.
I've got a treat
in store.

First shut the shades
and lock all the doors.
(Wouldn't want to unnerve
the neighbors;
Next, sugar and coffee
to strengthen us all
to defeat our archnemisis
(who goes by The Block --
may he rot in hell.)

And so down to business:
my latest, devious scheme.
To wit: my children,
one by one
I'll comb through
your inconsistent pages,
and loot them (gently, gently)
for the gold 
in all that dross.
No, you won't feel a thing
(or not much.  Well, you know
if you want to make
an omelet...)

Ah, my dear stunted followers
I'll create something brilliant
from the leftover
best of you;
Just watch me!
The world won't know
what hit them:
Game Over,
I win!

I will -- what's that you said?

My plan, my creation?

What's it about?

I ...

Everybody dismissed.

(C) 2014 by Rosetti C.
Translunary Things
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