Ramsey Mill Ruins

photo of Ramsey Mill ruins looking out through stone doorway

photo (c) BJCM Studio

All that remains are these spindles of stone
among the green-choked trees and tumbled years, 
their spider fingers stretching from the gorge
a grayed stone skeleton engulfed, asleep.

We clamber down the sandstone slope and slide,
our shoes abrupt on gnarled roots, until
we shinny down the last few feet and drop 
onto the river's narrow bouldered beach.

Bones of the mill tumble about our feet
the crumbling ribs combing the sky above;
the wildness – grown up where floor once lay – 
calls bright among the stone: Alive! Alive!

Dream-lost, we wander through the sky-spilled piles,
antique and still half-mortared here and there
in faint, abstract mosaics, ghostly tales
of golden days, a wheel, water, and light.

You press a palm flat to a stalagmite-wall 
and feel the years seep up from underneath;
they filter up through sand and brick like songs
of gritty industry and well-earned rest.

I crouch and dig my fingers down thru turf
and touch the surface of another time;
I find a weathered stone and pull it free
and close it, ageless, in my grubby hand.

(C) 2014 by Rosetti C.
Translunary Things

(A note about the Old Mill: The ruins of the Ramsey Mill can be found in Old Mill Park in Hastings, Minnesota, a short distance downriver from the Vermillion Falls. While the gorge is deep, the river there is shallow and very clear. It’s really a lovely place.)

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