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Sleep! Thank God!

I’m totally off the Effexor!  The bad news is that I couldn’t tolerate it.  The good news is that I went off it without a hitch.  Phew!

I got two decent nights’ sleep in a row.  I am a completely different person than a few, sleep-deprived days ago.  If I had to do my clinic’s self-assessment test for the past few weeks, they’d think I was in awful shape!  But today, I have some energy, I have a few smiles, cracked some jokes, got outside and walked, finished a small painting … and no, I’m not manic, either.  🙂

Maybe the little Effexor I was able to take in did some good.  Or maybe I’m still getting some benefit from the Remeron.   (Which did seem to work for me … up until I gained 15 lbs and was ravenous all the time, including fifteen minutes after a full-sized meal and at 2 am.)  Or maybe I’m back where I was pre-layoff, and I can get by for a while on the old trifecta, Depakote, Welbutron, and Atavan, without throwing more goofy drugs (and side-effects) into the mix.

(I mentioned the uncontrollable yawning, right?  Weird, but kind of hilarious.)

Strange Medicine

It’s so strange how a med that works great for one person is unhelpful for another, and virtually intolerable for a third.  The most I get from Welbutron is the occasional 2 pm dizzy spell for a while whenever I miss or change doses.  The time must have something to do with when I take it.  The Depakote makes me hungry, but not desperately so like the Remeron.  It also makes my hands shake and my vision blurry, but mostly when I’m tired or dehydrated.  It makes my hair break off in little bunches in my comb or the shower, but they’ve got some decent “deep repair” conditioners and treatments now, so it’s not as noticeable these days.

All of that is just part of my life right now.  Not fun, but livable — and life-saving.  It could be (and has been–some of you can relate) way worse.  Just one blood draw every few months.  And no watching for deadly rashes, no sudden awful nights of crazy bed-spins and near delerium, no memory loss (from the drugs, anyway), and no frustrating zombie-ness.

I’ll take that, for now.

Peace, folks.


PS:  Thanks for the notes of encouragement from people who know the evil roller-coaster of finding the right med combo.  Crazy brain chemistry calls for crazy solutions sometimes!

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