Sleep-Twitch-Roulette (I kid you not)

I spoke too soon, drat it.  Even on the teeny starter dose of Effexor for just a couple of (mildly miserable) weeks, I’m still finding fresh hell- I mean fresh side effects!

Sleep-twitching?  Seriously?

So here’s the skinny: I wake up the past two mornings to find I’ve driven my poor husband from the bed.  I was completely unaware that I’ve been doing some kind of midnight fandango that wakes him up.  (“Just some of the time,” he says.  “Not all night.”)

Okay, I just checked up on the half-life, and it can take up to five days before it’s totally out of my system.   So I’m nearly there.   The hubby is game to try sleep-twitch-roulette again, brave man.

AND, by the way, Effexor is neither approved nor recommended for bipolar patients.  Gah!

This may explain a lot.  Me and my pdoc need to talk.

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