My Kingdom for an Index!

I finally figured out how to set up an index of poems, by category and title. Until now, unless it appeared in the “Recent Posts” or “Top Posts” lists, all you could do was select the category and then scroll your little heart out.

Now thanks to the wonders of shortcodes and the very smart people at Support, visitors to my site can select the page they want in the menu bar above (New Poems, NaPoWriMo, or Older Poems), and each will take them to an alphabetical list of those poems. Click the title that sounds interesting, and voilà!

(The old “categories” drop-down widget in the sidebar will still take you to all of that category’s posts, newest to oldest.  Scroll, scroll, scroll.)

Here’s how easy it is.

  1. Pick your category. For example, suppose a bunch of your posts have the category “short stories”. (Check exactly how you spelled it.)
  2. Make a new page (or sticky post, or text widget, though I haven’t tried that). Give it a title, like, “Short Story Index”.
  3. On the edit page, be sure you are in the “Text” box not the “Visual” box. (If you haven’t played here before, don’t be scared.)
  4. Then, carefully type the text below:  (click the graphic to enlarge it)

shortcode to create an index
Once you update your page, this will give you an alphabetical list of every title in the category “short stories”.  Best of all, it will automatically update, so you don’t need to add new post titles manually. Brilliant!

If you want to see other variations, like adding thumbnails or excerpts, you can find out lots more here.


If you try it out, let me know how it goes!



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