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Hanging in thru the holiday weekend

Saw my psych doc today.  She’s concerned (no surprise) but since it’s a holiday weekend and I’ll be with people, wants me to hold out into next week and see if the med we increased makes a difference.  If I’m not at least plateaued by next week, she’ll switch me back to remeron — which seemed to work, but made me ravenous: all. the. time.

If things get worse, she’s recommending a “partial hospitalization” program … I’m unsure how it differs from a day program.  Anybody know?  It runs two to three weeks, six hours a day.  That particular hospital is too far for me to drive every day, though, distracted as I am, so I don’t know how helpful that option would be.

I know I’m fortunate to have support in my husband, and we’ll spend the long weekend together and even try to make a bbq event.  Hopefully the new med dose will kick in soon, and the program will be moot.

Q:  If anyone’s tried a “partial hospitalization” program, could you let me know how it went?
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  1. risinghawk

     /  August 29, 2014

    Never tried a partial hospitalization, but it sounds like a positive thing if the meds don’t even things out. I have confidence that they will!

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