SnowLinger (an abecedarian)

A thick snow is falling, dammit.
Bright and downy, and this late –
can you believe it? Murphy’s Law,
drawn by the unseasonable
early spring, nature’s April Fool’s.
Filling my window like a test pattern, the
big flakes are like fish food, or the
hair lint from our drier. But prettier.
I loved this at Christmas, but now I
just feel so conflicted !
(Keep in mind, it’s spring.) Yes,
lots of Minnesota winters
mope along, I know, I know. You’re
never sure when to
open your windows or
put away your boots.
Quite funny, then, when a
runner goes by, ponytail bobbing, in just
summer shorts and tee. It’s a
truly Minnesotan thing. Denial? Or just
utter indiference? Ha, perhaps she’s even more
vexed than I at the injustice:
we both resent this dreamlike,
X-mas snowglobe scene, when
yesterday it was 50 degrees and sunny. My
zest for a white Christmas ended months ago.

(Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was writing an abecedarian. The first word in each line starts with the letters of the alphabet, in order. An alternate is to write the whole poem that way, word by word instead of by line, and I may have to try that sometime!)

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