A Dialogue With The Beast

I know there is light.
There must be, I know it,
so how can you fool me
so often? So well?

Beneath your shadow,
the clean thoughts all scatter
frightened birds spiraling
down into hell.

The Beast:
Aren’t I the truthful one?
Cynic and skeptic,
don’t I keep you safe in
your dark little room?

You know you’re not strong enough
brave enough, good enough;
better to shelter
down here in the gloom.

I can’t but agree, your
words ring so true – yet I
don’t want to live like this,
charred in your fires.

The Beast:
I’ve known you forever,
longer than memory,
and I’m with you always
entwined in your wires.

So one step, then two steps,
I cannot ignore you, but
three steps and four steps,
as hard as cut glass;

I must just keep moving
although I can’t feel it, and
I know that someday this
shadow will pass.

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