Terzanelle (About My Cat’s Butt)

Tortie Girl painting by B J C M StudioMy kitty’s butt is nothing like the moon
and when I’m working she must interpose.
It matters not if dinnertime is soon;

it may stem from affection I suppose
but walking ‘cross my chest, she shows her rear
and when I’m prone she has to interpose.

I spit cat hair and idly scratch her ear,
surrenduring efficiency for her
who, walking ‘cross my chest, presents her rear —

See why my every outfit’s trimmed with fur?
She drapes herself and gently butts my head;
I must give up efficiency for her

(or find someplace to write, besides in bed).
She paws the pages so I can’t ignore,
and drapes herself, and gently butts my head

it does no good to wheedle or implore,
and matters not if dinnertime is soon;
she paws the pages so I can’t ignore
her fuzzy butt … that’s nothing like the moon.

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  1. I really like it – especially how you subtly change the wording of the line chain but not their meaning! Very clever! 🙂

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  2. So cute and funny and being a cat owner, I totally sympathize!

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  3. My cat Miracle must be a cousin or even a sister. Really, she thinks she’s reducing my boredom, saving me from onerous tasks. This is a great form for this, as stubborn as a cat.

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  4. This is a splendid Terzanelle, and so evocative of every cat who’s ever owned me. And I, too, write in bed.

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  5. celticsea

     /  April 17, 2015

    I have one of those and his name is Zeus! Well done with a difficult form. Taking the lighter route probably was the better way to go. 🙂 Congratulations on being featured!

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  6. Great craftsmanship and so deliciously silly. I love it.

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    • Thanks so much, Natasa! I often write about such serious things on my blog, so it’s good to just get goofy once in a while. Glad you enjoyed it!


  7. Elle

     /  April 17, 2015

    Ha! cleverly done. I really liked your terzanelle

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  8. This is great! At least your girl is lighter than my boy, he really hurts when he walks across my chest! He does it while I’m reading until I turn out the light then leaves (unless he’s already laid down across my ankles and is snoring).

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    • How is it they always know where to step and put all their weight on one foot … usually someplace sensitive! Glad you liked my silliness! (I was just thinking of Riley today, getting the paintings ready for the art crawl next weekend!)


  9. biggerthanalasagna

     /  April 21, 2015

    This is charming! I need to share with my cat-loving friends. 🙂 Congratulations for being the featured artist for day 17!


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