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Kitty Movie Theater (A Feathery Pastoral)

two cats looking out window
Finally! The green buds are forcing
a quick-change on these blowsy trees
to set the stage for all sorts of wooing
of the feathered variety.

The cardinals are the old married couple;
stuck fiercely together the winter through,
but now they dart like any young lovers
each discovering the other anew.

The robins are still at the bruiser-stage,
puffing gang colors and double-flight-dares
until the neighborhood drivers brake and curse…
Do the chix dig all that macho flair?

Mourning doves have quieter coveys,
soft-spoken secret rendezvous,
party of two, on the eaves, soaking sunshine
velvety cuddles and tuck-under coos.

The blackbirds bomb like a cluster of bullies,
dumping the feeder and squabbling like louts,
pushing their mates, or maybe their cousins…
(It’s hard to tell who’s dating and who’s acting out.)

The teen-tawny finches alight so fleetly
their colors would render them all but unseen
if they could justĀ keep still for a moment,
but they flit like speed-dating on too much caffeine.

These dramas (and comedies) play themselves out
in the crab apple just outside our window seat
ourĀ feline kids watch in such silent rapture,
just their tails twitching with each little tweet.

My spouse and I chuckle, and flip a coin
as one of us must go sooner or later
to drag out the bin of wild bird seed…

…and refill the kitty movie theater.

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1 Comment

  1. I love this one a lot! When I go for walks with the dog, especially in the evening when it’s already getting dark, I feel like each window is a stage for private plays of which I catch glimpses. You do have a healthy cast outside that window!

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