About Me

Rosetti C

photo of some of my meds (pills)

meds is keeping me alive

Writing.  Painting.
Staying alive.

A brain-chemistry “lifer” with an unquiet mind, married to a diabetic transplant patient.   No, really, I’m serious. You wouldn’t know to meet us, but both of our lives depend on meds, and each other.  Fun Times.

It works, though, and makes for interesting stories. And moments of great beauty. After all, if we weren’t resilient, we wouldn’t be here. (Of course, a sense of humor helps, too.)

[Please forgive the cloak & dagger.  Recently wounded: the world likes to damage the already marred.  Maybe someday, the Big Reveal.  For now I’ll pen as Rosetti C.  Thanks for peeking in.]
Rosetti C. writes about life, art, chronic illness, stigma, survival, and (occasionally) dust-bunnies of doom — all from a little grey house in RoseAppleFarmVille, USA.

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  1. You sound as if you’re describing me and my other half! Seriously, though for different types of health reasons. Thank you so much for following First Night Design.


  2. Rosetta, thank you so much for visiting my site and choosing to follow along.



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