Sleep-Twitch-Roulette (I kid you not)

I spoke too soon, drat it.  Even on the teeny starter dose of Effexor for just a couple of (mildly miserable) weeks, I’m still finding fresh hell- I mean fresh side effects!

Sleep-twitching?  Seriously?


Sleep! Thank God!

I’m totally off the Effexor!  The bad news is that I couldn’t tolerate it.  The good news is that I went off it without a hitch.  Phew!

I got two decent nights’ sleep in a row.  I am a completely different person than a few, sleep-deprived days ago.  If I had to do my clinic’s self-assessment test for the past few weeks, they’d think I was in awful shape!  But today, I have some energy, I have a few smiles, cracked some jokes, got outside and walked, finished a small painting … and no, I’m not manic, either.  🙂

Effexor Kicked my Butt

I never even made it to the full dose. The side effects surprised me by showing on day two, and by mid week I was a mess. Too confused and dizzy to drive, unable to work or write, with pupils like an anime character, electric tingles in my scalp, and the worst taste in my mouth. My jaw ached and eyes watered from the weird, uncontrollable yawning. (more…)

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