Kitty Movie Theater (A Feathery Pastoral)

two cats looking out window
Finally! The green buds are forcing
a quick-change on these blowsy trees
to set the stage for all sorts of wooing
of the feathered variety.

The cardinals are the old married couple;
stuck fiercely together the winter through,
but now they dart like any young lovers
each discovering the other anew.

The robins are still at the bruiser-stage,
puffing gang colors and double-flight-dares
until the neighborhood drivers brake and curse…
Do the chix dig all that macho flair?

Mourning doves have quieter coveys,
soft-spoken secret rendezvous,
party of two, on the eaves, soaking sunshine
velvety cuddles and tuck-under coos.

The blackbirds bomb like a cluster of bullies,
dumping the feeder and squabbling like louts,
pushing their mates, or maybe their cousins…
(It’s hard to tell who’s dating and who’s acting out.)

The teen-tawny finches alight so fleetly
their colors would render them all but unseen
if they could just keep still for a moment,
but they flit like speed-dating on too much caffeine.

These dramas (and comedies) play themselves out
in the crab apple just outside our window seat
our feline kids watch in such silent rapture,
just their tails twitching with each little tweet.

My spouse and I chuckle, and flip a coin
as one of us must go sooner or later
to drag out the bin of wild bird seed…

…and refill the kitty movie theater.


Has ‘Slight’ Difficulty With Auto

1930s newspaper clipping
I’m a day late with my poem for Day 17, for which the prompt was to write a “social media”-style poem. Since I’m not on Twitter, I decided to go really old school and abscond with use a newspaper clipping a friend of mine found, likely from the 1930s. I re-cut the lines a bit to play with the pacing and tension. Phew, so much excitement for Mrs. Kleiner!

Woman Has ‘Slight’ Difficulty
With Auto
Sumner, Iowa,
Aug. 28. Mrs.
Clarence Kleiner
experienced slight difficulty
in backing her
day. The
car, traveling
in reverse, crossed
railroad tracks, snapped off
a telephone pole which
brought down another, which upset
a two-wheel trailer, causing a
barrel of oil to
roll off
up a
garden. The
automobile received
not a scratch
Mrs. Kleiner
was not injured.

vintage carIn
other news:
Robert Taylor
Starts Blimey

Terzanelle (About My Cat’s Butt)

Tortie Girl painting by B J C M StudioMy kitty’s butt is nothing like the moon
and when I’m working she must interpose.
It matters not if dinnertime is soon;

it may stem from affection I suppose
but walking ‘cross my chest, she shows her rear
and when I’m prone she has to interpose.

I spit cat hair and idly scratch her ear,
surrenduring efficiency for her
who, walking ‘cross my chest, presents her rear —

See why my every outfit’s trimmed with fur?
She drapes herself and gently butts my head;
I must give up efficiency for her

(or find someplace to write, besides in bed).
She paws the pages so I can’t ignore,
and drapes herself, and gently butts my head

it does no good to wheedle or implore,
and matters not if dinnertime is soon;
she paws the pages so I can’t ignore
her fuzzy butt … that’s nothing like the moon.

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