(Don’t) Kiss My Bumper (tanka)

Bumper_Bully_editTail-gater, don’t push;
I’m stuck between two semis,
nowhere else to go…
Now you’ve missed your exit, dear.
Gee, ain’t Karma such a bitch?


Weekend (tanka)

Long green miles from the city
Escape was well planned
We even left home early
But alas: road construction.

Conspiracy of Text (a tanka train)

word cloud image
Little Words, you’re so
rebellious, why can’t you do
what you’re told? On the
page, you look nothing like I
pictured. What could have happened?

You don’t fall into
place like soldiers, and somehow
you lack all panache.
I’m sure you scanned more nobly
when I had you in my head.

You Words, flawed children
that trip off my tongue, you drip
with such distraction…
What I mean is that you are
not quite what I meant to say.

How to solve this? When
you Words all conspire against
my intent? Read back,
re-do, revise – Just know, Words,
I am coming back for you.

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